Pedal for Alz 2018 successfully completed a second annual 1,098-mile, 11-day event which build on the tremendous success of its inaugural Pedal for Pat event, held in October 2017. This year’s goal was to “Raise The Bar.” The 1098 Cyclists, a team of dedicated cyclists, pedaled from Knoxville, Tennessee, through The Great Smoky Mountains to North and South Carolina, down the Georgia and Florida coasts, and concluded in Daytona Beach. Soon after the event, the team issued $70,000 to the Alzheimer’s Research Initiative at the University of Tennessee Medical Center to help further the research, awareness, and education of Alzheimer’s.

The Route

All 1,098 Miles


October 7-17, 2018 | 1,098 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee through the mountains of the Carolinas, ending in Daytona Beach, Florida!